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    check diseases syptoms and monitor yur health online

    Doctor's assistance is the most needed thing when one gets sick.But,in a world which Tech goes beyond reach,people came with simple solutions to make sure you keep track of your simple diseases symptoms and health facts.i love the IDEA. check this weblink.
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    All about iPhone

    ITS iphone guys!! probably the most overhyped mobile phone of all times!!it somehow lives up to its hype.and somehow below par. BUT all in all it sets a whole new level of how mobile phones should perform their tasks.since according to my personal experience it has nothing new!!just same...
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    This time Apple have gone too far!!

    for those who regularly visits apple website should have seen the new MAC TV ADS that according to my views this time they have definetly gone too far!! most parts what they say is true..,and sometimes they are basicaly wrong take a look here!! i...
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