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  1. moblaze

    Now it's a month am surviving alone! tusaidiane wakuu..

    wakuu, Kuna msicha kutoka Bhutan (Asia) nilikutana nae mwaka 2008 chuoni (India) nikiwa mwaka wa pili yeye ndio alikua anaanza wa kwanza. Tulifahamiana kupitia kwa rafiki yangu. After sometime, we became good friends and started visiting each other and going out together in our...
  2. moblaze

    zamani: when I was a kid..

    when I was a KID: Pussy meant CAT, Sex meant GENDER, Bitch was a FEMALE DOG, Dick was a NAME, BJ was a NICK-NAME, Bang was a SOUND, Rubber was just like PLASTIC, Ass was an ANIMAL, Screw was just a NUT, Tit was a SNACK, Head meant a part of BODY !! But Now ____________ Everything is...
  3. moblaze

    kama ATM machine zote zingekua soo!

    au wadau mnasemaje? mimi mwenzenu hesabu hana kichwani
  4. moblaze

    kweli usingizi hauna adabu!

    SLEEP STRATEGISTS; Top Ministers Sleep @ M7 Address!1-(L-R)Eriya Kategaya, First deputy Prime Minister and minister for East Africa Affairs, Henry Muganwa Kajura, 2nd Deputy Premier and minister for public service and Moses Ali, 3rd Premier and deputy leader of government business in parliament...
  5. moblaze

    financial management

    A beggar Found Tsh.1000 He decided to have a Great Dinner He went to a 5 Star hotel & Enjoyed the Dinner When bill came he said I have No Money, Manager called Police and handed the Beggar over to Him. The beggar gave tsh.1000 to policeman and Set Free. :-) This is FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT...
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