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    JPM pamoja Na Rais wa Uganda kuweka jiwe la Msingi la Bomba la mafuta nchini Uganda

    UK the latest destination for ATC to sort out its problems, at the same time the pipeline for oil from Hoima (Uganda) - Tanga to be concluded in the coming days.
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    Harambee ya USD 1000 - 2000 kwa Watanzania tunaoishi nje kuikopa nchi yetu kwa riba nafuu

    Watanzania tunaoishi nje tuikopeshe nchi yetu USD 1,000,000,000.00 ili Tanzania iachane na kuomba omba pesa kutoka WB. Mimi nipo tayari nitawakopesha USD 5000.00 (Tunahitaji Watanzania laki moja tu).
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    Tanzania welcomes visitors to Africa's newest and largest national park

    Tanzania recently established the Nyerere National Park, the largest national park in Africa. Nyerere is part of what is known as the Selous Game Reserve and covers an area of over 11,000 square miles, more than twice the size of the Serengeti. It is the only major safari reserve to be located...
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    Tanzania kupokea msaada wa fedha kutoka Japan ili kufufua Shirika la Uvuvi

    The government of Japan on Friday granted the government of Tanzania 200 million yen (about 1.8 million U.S. dollars) to support the revival of state-run Tanzania Fisheries Corporation (TAFICO), including the purchase of fishing vessel. The signing of exchange of notes for the grant was made in...
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    National Parks mark sixty years of conservation success in Tanzania

    National Parks mark sixty years of conservation success in Tanzania Prof Grzimek and the first president of Tanzania dr Julius Nyerere Standing as the leading tourist attraction hotspots in Tanzania Tanzania and Africa, Sixty years ago, famous German wildlife conservationist and zoologist...
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    Shanta Gold says New Luika Gold Mine in South West Tanzania has successfully connected to the state power grid

    ''Eric Zurrin, Shanta Gold chief executive officer, commented: "This is a significant milestone for the New Luika Gold Mine given power generation currently represents over 25% of our cash costs" Shanta Gold Limited (LON:SHG), the East Africa-focused gold producer, developer and explorer...
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    African Development Bank President Dr Akinwumi Adesina

    African Development Bank President Dr Akinwumi Adesina received the African of the Year Award from the All Africa Business Leaders Awards (AABLA™), Thursday, in recognition of his bold leadership and the innovation of the Africa Investment Forum which “opened up billions of dollars of investment...
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    Serikali yaagiza Treni za kisasa 22, Mabehewa ya kisasa 1430!

    SERIKALI Yafanya KWELI, Yaagiza Treni za KISASA 22, Mabehewa ya kisasa 1430! Msemaji wa Serikali akitoa maelezo ya Treni Mpya zinazosubiriwa kwa hamu, wakati wowote muda si mrefu vyombo vitatua Bandarini Dar es Salaam
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    Banks and EU provide €764m to link Kenya and Tanzania

    ''International lenders have agreed loans and grants totalling over €764m ($837.6m) to build transport infrastructure linking Kenya and Tanzania in order to boost trade in east Africa. The road and bridge projects will eventually benefit 3 million people in the region as farmers, manufacturers...
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    Msalato International Airport

    Africa's ambitious infrastructure: Tanzania secures $272m for new airport ''Several African countries, and the African Union itself have prioritised infrastructure development as a means of integrating the continent and connecting people to markets, with an objective of lifting millions out of...
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    First batch of expected 800 Israeli tourists arrive in Tanzania

    Watalii kutoka Israel wametua KIA leo asubuhi kutembelea vivutio ……. ……… Big up shirika la utalii Tanzania. Arusha. Tanzania is expecting to receive at least 800 tourists from Israel before the end of 2019 as they plan to visit different tourist attractions for eight days in Tanzania this...
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    Poverty declines in Tanzania over past decade

    JPM akiwa Mwanza kwenye sherehe za uhuru Wenye wivu huwa hawakosekani, Chapa kazi JPM watanzania wengi tupo pamoja katika kulijenga Taifa. Hizo ni data the WB full story fuata link hapo chini. ===== Poverty declines in Tanzania over past decade By PAUL REDFERN More by this Author Tanzanian...
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    49 journalists murdered in 2019

    Mwaka 2019 waandishi wa habari 49 wameuawa kwenye nchi tofauti kama inavyoonyesha hapo juu. 49 journalists murdered in 2019 Forty-nine journalists were killed across the world in 2019, Reporters Without Borders said Tuesday, the lowest death toll in 16 years. The "historically low"...
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    African Court digging its own grave

    It is shocking that this Court has decided to be used by our enemies, no wonder the Government of Tanzania has decided to ask for the articles concerned to be removed. Hapa kazi tu. Shukrani kwa awamu ya 5 kuligundua hilo mapema. === A lot of noise was made early this week when Tanzania...
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    World Bank delighted by projects' progress in Tanzania

    The World Bank (WB) has appreciated the way government development projects in Arusha Region have been well implemented, reiterating its willingness to release 450m USD for the next phase of Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN) programmes. The appreciation was made after Arusha Regional...
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    Amani wamesafirisha mzigo wa gold kwa mara ya kwanza kilo 5.08

    Amani ships first gold consignment from Tanzania '''Junior Amani Gold has completed the first shipment of gold from the Geita mineral and gem hub, in Tanzania, to a refinery in Hong Kong. About 6.77 kg of gold was shipped from the hub, and refined down to 5.08 kg, at a purity of 99.999%...
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    $5 Billion Gold Secretly Leaves London

    ''Recently just over 8,000 large central bank sized - four hundred troy ounce gold bars - or put more bluntly, 100 tonnes of gold bullion - were carefully transported by armed guards under the cover of darkness. Flown in 8 separate 737 jet airplanes each carrying an average of 400,000 oz of...
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    Serikali iangalie huu Mkopo kutoka TDP kwa macho mawili

    In transactions with Africa, global banks no Caesar’s wife I have been keenly following the deliberations of the State Capture Commission of South Africa for relevant lessons and insights for Kenya and East Africa on complicity of international banks in facilitating corruption. Last week, the...
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    Tanzania secures $1 billion syndicated loan from TDB bank for infrastructure

    Hapa Kazi Tu! === Tanzania has received a $1 billion syndicated loan arranged by the Trade and Development Bank for infrastructure projects and is seeking an additional $500 million from the regional lender, the presidency said. The government said in 2016 it had agreed a $7.6 billion loan...
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    Tanzania close to securing funding for second phase of SGR project

    Tanzania has announced that financial deals for the construction of the second phase of the standard gauge railway (SGR) are close to be finalised. The Minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Phillip Mpango, disclosed that discussions with a consortium of development finance institutions to...