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    Nimetapeliwa jamani

    Wanabodi, habari zenu. Leo asubuhi nimeenda zangu city centre kwa shughuli. Nilikuwa na kiasi fulani cha hela ya kigeni mfukoni. Nikaamua kwenda kwenye moja ya maduka ya kubadiili pesa mtaa wa samora. Katika kusimama na kuangalia vibao vya exchange rates kwenye maduka hayo jamaa mmoja...
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    “There are no solutions to theological conflicts” – former Israeli diplomat

    Iran providing humanitarian aid to Gaza is a provocation, believes former Israeli prime ministerial advisor and diplomat Yehuda Avner “The purpose is not to vendor humanitarian aid, but to put Israel on the spot because Iran has declared war on Israel, its very existence,” he said in an...
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    The Russian Mathematician refuses again to receive the prize

    Russian reclusive math genius Grigory Perelman did not appear in Paris on Tuesday to collect his $1 million prize for solving a problem that has puzzled scientists for over a century. In March 2010, the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) of Cambridge, Massachusetts, announced that Perelman, 43...
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    Facts You Never Knew About Yourself

    - Humans are the only animals capable of drawing a straight line. - On average, an individual grows over 450 miles of hair in a lifetime. - When a person smiles, 17 muscles are engaged. - Human DNA contains 80,000 genes. - Men shorter than 4.2 feet and women shorter than 3.9 feet are...
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    Skin bleaching victimizes black women

    In pursuit of lighter skin beauty standards, black women living in France widely resort to skin bleaching products without knowing the risks they take. Amy Mbaye’s life in France is enviable. She has a good job, a loving family and, by any standard, she’s a beautiful woman – any standard, that...
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    Mahakama ya Kadhi yawakoroga Waislamu

    • Shura ya Maimamu yapinga serikali kujitoa SUALA la uanzishaji wa Mahakama ya Kadhi bila kuishirikisha serikali limewasha moto upya na sasa limeonekana kuwavuruga waumini wa dini hiyo, kutokana na kauli tofauti zinazotolewa na viongozi wa Baraza Kuu la Waislamu nchini (BAKWATA) na viongozi wa...
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    Sudanese woman fined for wearing trousers

    KHARTOUM (Reuters) – A Sudanese woman was found guilty of indecency and fined on Monday for wearing trousers in a case that has attracted worldwide attention, but she will be spared lashes, an official who attended the trial said. The woman, Lubna Hussein, was arrested at a party in July with...
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    The 10 silliest things ever said by politicians

    Comedians would probably not exist without politicians, whose speeches have always been full of wisdom. Here is our rating of the 10 most stupid things ever said by politicians all over the world. 1. “Queen Elizabeth Taylor.” – Thai Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa, referring to the Queen of...
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    French tourists seen as world’s worst

    PARIS (Reuters Life!) – French tourists are the worst in the world, coming across as bad at foreign languages, tight-fisted and arrogant, according to a survey of 4,500 hotel owners across the world. They finish in last place in the survey carried out for internet travel agency Expedia by...
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    Jackson Mania

    Michael Jackson’s death may trigger another wave of Jackson Mania. The first vestiges of this phenomenon have already appeared in Russia and Ukraine. The media of Ukraine’s Zaporozhskaya Region reported that one of the local villages would be renamed after the late King of Pop. In the meantime...
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    Mtoto wa baba, mtoto wa mjomba

    Katika jamii (makabila) nyingi hapa Tanzania watoto wanaozaliwa katika ndoa wanakuwa wa ukoo wa baba (Patrilineal system), na baba mzazi ndiye mwenye watoto. Lakini pia kuna jamii chache ambazo watoto wanaozaliwa wanakuwa wa ukoo wa mama (matrilineal system), yaani watoto wanakuwa wa wajomba...
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    Obama na nzi!

    PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly Thu Jun 18, 7:28 am ET WASHINGTON – The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the flyswatter in chief to try taking a more humane attitude the next time he's bedeviled by a fly in the White House. PETA is sending President Barack Obama...
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    Kipi Kiswahili sahihi?

    Kina mama wenye watoto daima wanaitwa kwa majina ya watoto wao, mf. kama mtoto wake anaitwa "Mfaume" basi mama yake ataitwa "Mama Mfaume". Miaka ya karibuni - kama sikosei - kina mama wamekuwa wakiitwa kwa majina ya waume zao pia. Mfano utasikia "Mama Kikwete" wakimaanisha mke wa Rais wa Jamhuri...
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    HIV "branding"

    Proposing a solution to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland, which has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world, has sparked public outrage and threatens to cost a government official his job. “I have a solution to the virus,” Timothy Myeni, a Member of Parliament (MP) announced to his...
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    Hodi, hodi wakuu!

    Hodi ndani ya uwanja huu. Mimi ni mwanachama mpya. Naomba mnipokee katika jumuiya hii ya wenye mawazo mazito. Asanteni.