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    Maandamano ya wanahabari Sept 11, 2012

    Peaceful Revolution starts just like this....
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    Maazimio ya Kamati Kuu ya CHADEMA Sept 10, 2012

    This is true leadership in action.
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    Someni taarifa ya Bernard Kamilius Membe

    UPDATE 1-Tanzania says investigating Iran tankers accusation Thu Jul 5, 2012 10:32am GMT * U.S. committee says Tanzania risks sanctions * Tanzania says taking investigation 'very seriously' * Calls for U.S., EU help in investigations (Adds quotes, detail, background) DAR ES SALAAM...
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    Lowassa Vs. Membe - Tanzania's own "Thrilla in Manila"?

    Bunge committee’s trip abroad raises eyebrows Tuesday, 26 June 2012 23:04 By Mkinga Mkinga The Citizen Reporter Dar es Salaam. Members of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security left the country yesterday for a tour of several embassies.The chairman of the...
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    Puzzle as UDA millions paid to board chairman

    Just run into this, ......................Anyone know what happened to these thieves???? Puzzle as UDA millions paid to board chairman Tuesday, 02 August 2011 21:58 digg By The Citizen Team Dodoma/Dar. Some Sh270 million meant for the purchase of State-owned commuter transport firm...
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    JF EXCLUSIVE: DOWANS vs TANESCO, the saga continues!

    Is anything due in next few month?
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    Malawi in flames: Riots broke out in Lilongwe

    Malawi riots spread to major cities after troops clash with protesters Violence erupts in Lilongwe and Blantyre as army and police try to halt anti-government demonstrations Malawi in flames: Riots broke out in Lilongwe and Blantyre after a court injunction banned protests against the...
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    Rostam Aziz aachia ngazi CCM

    ONE DOWN..... More to GO.....!
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    Zitto amjia juu Waziri Mkuu: Aandika barua kuhoji matumizi ya "Stimulus Package"

    JF, This is yet another financial crime. Hii serikali kweli ni ya kinyonyaji ni mpaka itolewe kinguvu, hivi hivi nothing will happen. They cant be bother to see what kicked off ousting of the Arab countries leaders recently? Guys, watanzania pia tuna MADAI HALALI! from our leadership.
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    TAKUKURU yetu inaweza ikafanya kitu ya namna hii?

    Is it compeletely unreasonable to say that, may be Kenyans are a few steps ahead of Tanzanians in grand corruption and fighting corruption?
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    WikiLeaks: Tanzania official fears for his life!

    BAE Tanzania deal money 'used as bribe' By Martin Shankleman Employment correspondent, BBC News BAE admits it failed to keep proper accounts, but denies any corruption Continue reading the main story Related stories High Court halts BAE settlement A judge at Southwark Crown Court...
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    WikiLeaks: Tanzania official fears for his life!

    This is outrageous! Hoseah should quit straightaway, he is worse than a piece of furniture.
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    WikiLeaks: Tanzania official fears for his life!

    The Tanzanian prosecutor investigating worldwide misconduct by BAE, Britain's biggest arms company, confided to US diplomats that "his life may be in danger" and senior politicians in his small African country were "untouchable". A leaked account of what the head of Tanzania's anti-corruption...
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    Zitto: For aid to be effective, the taxpayers need to know

    Both Zitto, and Dambisa have got valid points, even though ONE vehemently disagreed with Dambisa. So most of you squabbling in here over zitto are time wasters im afraid.
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    BAE Systems to pay £250m fine in the US - some to Tz

    BAE Systems is to pay a fine of $400m (£250m) after pleading guilty to a charge of conspiring to make false statements to the US government. The UK's largest defence group has also reached agreement with the UK Serious Fraud Office to plead guilty to breach of duty to keep accounting records...
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    The Radar Scandal: Investigation & Progress

    Invisible - THANK YOU. Here JK himself should be accountable for protecting these kind of people, everything is clear. Chenge clearly accepted huge bribe and must be lying to the parliament records on how much money he actually has. How cant people see this and vote out these criminals? What...
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    The Radar Scandal: Investigation & Progress

    So, the game is on!!
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    Oil can be a curse on poor nations

    Mnasemaje hapo wakulu..........Ringing the bell somewhere? Oil can be a curse on poor nations By Moisés Naím Published: August 18 2009 20:03 | Last updated: August 18 2009 20:03 Oil is a curse. Natural gas, copper and diamonds are also bad for a country’s health. Hence, an insight...
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    Bank of Tanzania (BOT) - Vacancies! !

    Good luck . . .
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    KIWIRA na MCHUCHUMA: A Campaign To Reclaim...

    I like this! So painfully true.
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