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  1. fredy paul

    Vipi tukitumia mbinu hii kwenye mahakama zetu?

    A 16th century painting showing the skinning alive of a corrupt judge, Sisamnes, in the year 500BC. Sisamnes was a corrupt royal judge at the time of Cambyses ll in Persia. It was discovered that he took a bribe in court and passed an unfair judgement. As a consequence the king ordered that...
  2. fredy paul

    Kutoka south Sudan kabila la DINKA nimekuta na hii

    MARRIAGE IN SOUTH SUDAN MEANS 4 YEARS OF FREEDOM FOR BRIDE Today we tour the Dinka custom of marriage. Despite payment of dowry that ranges from 100 to 500 cows, women are treated godly. Once a man gets married, his wife will not cook or sweep for 4 years. This period is called "Anyuuc"...
  3. fredy paul

    Kabla na baada ya kugegeda

    Wangapi huwa tunakumbuka hili
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