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    Airports: Kenya vs Tanzania

    We at Kenya Airways welcome competition for its good for the region. However, airline business isn't for the feint hearted, prepare to divert resources from health, education to subsidize the isn't smooth flying up here...
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    Special thread: EACOP updates

    Apart from signing some documents and posing for photos. Is there really anything going on this EACOP project? To me it was a big mistake to exclude Kenya who are good in diplomacy and would have unlocked some of the stalemates that have bedeviled this project
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    Kenya says the ICJ has no jurisdiction in Somalia sea dispute case

    Wachaneni na watanzania bado wanaskiza muziki ya bongo
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    Kenya says the ICJ has no jurisdiction in Somalia sea dispute case

    Most powers of the world and now Kenya have withdrawn from ICJ assumption of jurisdiction. This include US, China, Russia, Israel, etc. This means Kenya despite the outcome wont implement any decision and secondly there is no army or world police that will implement such decisions. The world...
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    IMF- Tanzania faces hard times

    By JAMES ANYANZWA More by this Author Tanzania requires urgent financial support of $1.1 billion (1.5 percent of GDP) in the next 12 months to avert a potential economic fallout arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising import bill linked to rising crude oil prices. The International...
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    East African countries can have digital currencies but not as the only transactional medium of exchange. It can still operate side by side with the shilling. It could be used in areas where there is a need, or shortage of USD
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    Mahali Mzuri: The Best Hotel in the World

    A Maasai Mara tented camp, Mahali Mzuri, owned by British tycoon Sir Richard Branson has been ranked as the number one hotel in the world. The Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards released on Monday shows that people love the hotel for its rooms, location, service, food, and value. The...
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    Kinondoni, Dar: Hamza mohammed, Polisi Watatu na mlinzi mmoja wauawa katika Majibizano ya Risasi

    There was a shootout near the French embassy in the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam on Wednesday. The suspected shooter was neutralised by a sniper. The motive of the attack is still not clear and authorities are yet to comment. The shooting occurred as President Samia Suluhu met police chiefs...
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    Special thread: EACOP updates

    I thought all the land in Tanzania belongs to government, what is this compensation all about?
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    Lamu port transhipment business start

    Even the port of Mombasa is now a client of Port of Lamu. Things are looking up...all ports on the Eastern Africa seaboard will be served by Port of Lamu
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    Special thread: EACOP updates

    Skip to Content Open Menu AXA becomes the first insurer to say no to Total’s oil project in East Africa Jul 9 2021 In response to an NGO letter sent to the world’s biggest global insurers and brokers to ask them to steer clear from TotalEnergies’ highly destructive and controversial East...
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    EACOP vs Lamu pipeline

    EACOP may need to re-strategize on the future of this project given strong headwinds it has encountered. I would recommend the change from crude pipeline to a refine oil pipeline. Refine product doesn't even need a pipeline as such tankers can pick these products from Hoima and there is a ready...
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    EACOP vs Lamu pipeline

    With all the noise from the conservationists across the world, i dont think anyone would want to touch EACOP now. There is very strong campaign internationally to call off this project completely and conservationists seem to be gaining a lot of ground. The problem with the pipeline is cutting...
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    Uganda -Tanzania Oil Pipeline is still in the dark

    The only way out is for East Africa countries to come together, raise the equity using the Ethiopian model and build the pipeline. On the other hand, Kenya which has a relatively developed equity market can lead on this area. From experience, Kenyans, normally snap up and oversubscribe on...
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    Uchaguzi wa Tanzania umeporwa

    It was obvious Tanzania's election was not free and fair. We have been saying Mafuguli is a dictator and indeed he has proven himself to be one
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    Kenya 2nd most preferred investment destination in Africa

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    Air Tanzania sinking in massive losses

    Air Tanzania was launched not out of necessity but to just to flex its muscle and try show Kenya that they too can own and operate an airline. Now reality is setting in that operating an airline isn't like running a BRT. The same fate will just hit Tanzanian SGR. Welcome to the world of losses...
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    When you do things for clout

    Tanzania SGR will suffer the fate like Ethiopia because the trains have no way leave but rather level crossing (also called a grade crossing, railway crossing, or a railroad crossing). This means that the grades (the road and the track) are not separated by using a bridge or a tunnel. Secondly...
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    Safaricom yazidi kupandisha faida chini ya usimamizi wa mzawa

    Tanzania government is too afraid to license Safaricom to operate in the country. It could see death of local mobile companies
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