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    Safe houses: In whose interest does function of State security act
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    Transparency will save Kenya from oil curse
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    I kept quiet

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the opposition, and I did not speak out— Because I had no party. Then they came for...
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    SADC boosts Kiswahili; let the elite hang their head and ‘English’ in shame
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    Swahili Translation for Joomla! 3.x
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    Kwa wakulima wa Migomba
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    Details of Tanzania-Barrick deal emerge

    Dar es Salaam. Details are beginning to emerge on the agreement in 2017 between the government and Barrick Gold in efforts to resolve a dispute over a ban on gold concentrates exports. Apparently, the ban has been costing Acacia Mining dearly. The two parties to the agreement announced in...
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    10 days ago I was accused of "hotlinking". I am a bit mshamba. What is hotlinking and what did I hotlink with what.? Naomba kuelimishwa.
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    Mamlaka ya TANROADS

    Wakuu jamvini, Naomba kuuliza, 1) Madaraka ya Tanroads yamegawanyika kimikoa au kanda (zones), nikitaka kujua mikoa kadhaa inaungana kufanya kanda/zone au kila mkoa unajitegemea? 2)Mfano Nyakasanza (Benaco) kwenye junction ya B182 kuelekea Karagwe na B3 kuelekea Rusumo barabara imepanuliwa na...
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    Bagamoyo deal

    Watanzania tu wasahaulifu, tukumbushane aliyoandika mwenzetu siyo kitambo sana... Bagamoyo deal Let us look at the Bagamoyo deal in a wider scheme of things. The choice of building a the largest port in Bagamoyo raises more questions than it answers. Of the three main seaboard ports – the...
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    What Norway did with its oil and we didn’t

    When oil was discovered in the Norwegian continental shelf in 1969, Norway was very aware of the finite nature of petroleum, and didn't waste any time legislating policies to manage the new-found resource in a way that would give Norwegians long-term wealth, benefit their entire society and make...
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    16 Tanzanian fishermen arrested for illegal fishing in Migori

    Kenyan authorities have arrested at least 16 fishermen from Tanzania for allegedly trespassing into the country and using outlawed fishing equipment. The Tanzanians were arrested Sunday along the shores of Lake Victoria near Bamgot beach in Migori County. The foreigners were then taken to...
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    They paid....

    Maji maji 1 Maji maji 2 Unyama wa Mjerumani.
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    Kampuni hii ilifia na kuzikwa wapi?

    Sinota au Sino-Tanzania Joint Shipping Line. Na bado tunaendelea kuwakaribisha. Tu wagumu kujifunza.
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    Na kwetu mambo yakoje?

    For a pittance, Kenya is mortgaged to China
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    World's "worst' super-gonorrhoea

    Man has 'world's worst' super-gonorrhoea
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    Crisis in Congo

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    Nini kimekosa hapa?

    Pomp and colour as Uhuru, Zuma and Ramaphosa mark ANC's 106 years
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    Free goodies

    Kuna vyuo vimechangamkia offers kama hizi? Download Microsoft Office 2016 at no cost - Student & Faculty Academic Discount | OnTheHub
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