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  1. Mkasika

    #COVID-19: Tuwajibishane

    Well said mkuu,! Anyone here defending the government on their pandemic handling needs to have their head checked out.
  2. Mkasika

    Nimekuta mahali wanamjadili, wanasema "he is not in the right frame of mind to lead a country"

    Mental health issues really should be taken seriously. Especially when our own president is affected
  3. Mkasika

    Utafiti wa kisayansi uliogundua sauti za wanadamu wanaoteseka kuzimu

    The problem is everyone is born different before they are brought up different and based upon their own inherent difference they receive and process news different yet we have a minority of people who believe everyone should be the same and ideally adopting of their belief which to others may be...
  4. Mkasika

    Lamborghini's fastest - and rarest - car,

    Only 40 Lamborghini Centenarios have been made, each sold for $1.9m It goes from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and can reach speeds of 217mph The car was displayed for the first time in the U.S. in Los Angeles Saturday It made its world debut in March at the Geneva Auto Show, Switzerland It was...
  5. Mkasika

    Beautiful and still single

    Kendall Jenner Selena Gomez Rihanna
  6. Mkasika

    Dakika 5 - Part 2 - Ujio wa Magufuli na Udikteta wa Sheria

    Well Mzee Mwanakijiji, unfortunately there are members of our population, that are either happy to remain ignorant of the details you mention, or really just don't care. CCM still get votes, no matter what they do, and how incompetent they perform. They have been voted into power (not sure if...
  7. Mkasika

    Aina za viganja, Michoro iliyopo kwenye kiganja cha mkono wako na siri ya Maisha yako

    We humans are just one of the millions of species in earth. We were not the earliest species and we won't be the last species also. Our species might become extinct and other species will survive. Nature will take its course. So the current generation are living the present way of life and let...
  8. Mkasika

    Ana kwa ana na Dr. Mwakyembe: Awashangaa Waliomuona yeye tu, Lakini wengine hawakuwaona!

    After the coming general election I will feel like we are looking into an endless abyss, that no hope remained for the moral sh*thole the Tanzania has become. However the combination of the incredible potential of a Lowasa-led CHADEMA and the UKAWA, with political commentators like Pasco'JF...
  9. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    It's 2015, we both work full time so surely all chores at home should be shared?! ps there is a machine that washes clothes now days!!!!
  10. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    We are already married and my wife can go out anywhere, anytime she wants. Same as me! We are equals in all aspects of our life, in cooking, cleaning and working!
  11. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    I agree with you! But just wanting to see what others think?
  12. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    This shows you have moved on from Africanism! Few older people in our up to date society would not understand the term "male chauvinism" My understanding is the correct term is "male chauvinist pig"?!
  13. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    I agree but the majority of male Tanzanians would not agree?
  14. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    So you are saying that men are better than women? But surely if you are married and believe in your vows and love your wife, it shouldn't be an issue if she wants to go out?
  15. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    Thanks for your opinion. I think it's fair for either one to go out with friends separately.
  16. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    Does it mean that it's ok for the husband to go out and leave the wife at home? But not fair for wife to go out and leave husband at home?
  17. Mkasika

    Wife going out

    Is it right for a wife to go for a night out, while the man stays home?
  18. Mkasika

    Bajeti Mpya: Betting ni kazi rasmi, sasa kukatwa kodi 18%

    Not all surprising, the majority of betting shops are in the most deprived areas. It would seem people have 'money to burn' on gambling, smoking, drinking and yet still the government need eradicating poverty or creating revenue by milking common mwananchi!!!!
  19. Mkasika

    Dear brother

    Amazing, four generalisations in one comment, that has to be some sort of record. it would seem that you had a very strange childhood.
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