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  1. Salma osman

    To All Ladies!!!

    Someone will always be prettier,someone will always be smarter. Some of their houses will be bigger.some will drive a better car. Their children will do better in school and their husband will fix more things around the let it go,and love you and your circumstances. Think about it...
  2. Salma osman

    Golden Rule of Life:=

    "Be good enough to forgive someone. But don't be stupid to trust them again....!!" Think on it. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless u all!
  3. Salma osman

    Ladies, are we the cause of our husbands cheating?

    Am asking this coz most of the time if a husband cheats he will blame his wife. He will say that his wife shouts at him even a small mistake or sometimes he will say that his wife doesn't care the way she use to care when they first met. So, is true?? And if it is true what are we suppose to...
  4. Salma osman

    Emergency call

    Johnny:hello is this 911? Police:yes whats your emergency johnny:2 girls are fighting over me police:and whats wrong with that? Johnny:the ugly one is winning......hurry
  5. Salma osman

    Bended knee

    Can we go to the days our love was strong can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong can somebody tell how to get things back the way they use to be oh God give me a reason i'm down on bended knee i'll never walk again until you come back to me i'm down on bended knee so many...
  6. Salma osman

    Broken heart

    How can a ''sorry'' heal a broken heart?????
  7. Salma osman

    Avoid diabetes!!!

    New research shows that people are easily getting diabetes by calling each other sweet names like sweetheart,honeypie,sweetpie and other sweet names. To avoid the disease be calling your loved ones healthy names like pawpaw,watermelon,caulliflower,mchicha. Have a healthy day!!!
  8. Salma osman


    Do living creatures under the sea get thirsty????
  9. Salma osman


    Nina rafiki kigeugeu,alafu hypocrate. And she's ma best friend.what should i do 2 avoid her?
  10. Salma osman

    ¤¤¤Eid Mubarak¤¤¤

    ¤¤|---|¤¤<br /> happy<br /> Eid <br /> Day<br /> ¤¤|---|¤¤<br /> hug and wishes 2 all jamii f, may this holy day bring happiness and blessing
  11. Salma osman

    Its agent plz sum1 help me!

    If u want 2 send money 2 nairobi which is the easiest way.
  12. Salma osman


    Pals pray God,there's eclipse of the moon.subhanaallah!
  13. Salma osman

    Happy birthday!

    Am happy 2day ma babygirl is turning 2 years.happy birth/d sweetheart i love u!
  14. Salma osman

    I lost ma grandpa

    2de am sad i lost him,he was so he died 2de ma grandfather
  15. Salma osman

    I lyke blues

    There is this song sung by daniel bendedfield"if ur not the one" i wish friends u can listen it.i lyke it.yani u just miss the one u love.nd if u brokeup u jus feel lyke u going back 2 each other
  16. Salma osman

    Help i lied!

    Please help me i fooled ma husband.he's jobless so nime mudanganya hivi.yeye yuko arusha mm i told him because of his jobless am running away 2 somalia with his baby i told him he wont c her again. Yani amekopa nauli yuko njia yuwaja.i don knw wat 2 do bcoz i was jus kidding.and i luv...
  17. Salma osman

    Help am addicted!

    Can sum1 help coz am in luv wid jamii forums.sometymes i even 4get wat i waz doing jus bcoz of jf.
  18. Salma osman

    Hot news!!

    Promotion in heaven!die now n get 2 heaven without judgement!offers runs till midnight hurry while space lasts.pass on 2 other sinners.lets die now!!
  19. Salma osman


    Je? how wil u act if u truely love someone.n u miss him kiasi kwamba u fill lyke flyin whenever he is.kutokana na situation i can b wid him bt i nid! I fil lyke dyin
  20. Salma osman

    Driver job

    Pliz ma husband need a job.he only knows how 2 drive.he can drive any.i got small baby nd he's the ony hope
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