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  1. Salma osman

    Kipi bora kati ya haya....

    Penda akupendae
  2. Salma osman

    To All Ladies!!!

    Someone will always be prettier,someone will always be smarter. Some of their houses will be bigger.some will drive a better car. Their children will do better in school and their husband will fix more things around the let it go,and love you and your circumstances. Think about it...
  3. Salma osman

    Golden Rule of Life:=

    "Be good enough to forgive someone. But don't be stupid to trust them again....!!" Think on it. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless u all!
  4. Salma osman

    Lily Flower amefiwa na kaka yake

    R.I.P. pole Lily
  5. Salma osman

    Dont SHOUT to your Loved Ones

    Nice one.but sometimes anger make us shout
  6. Salma osman

    Kwanini nawachukia wanaume?

    What a sad story,Pole sana,pray and God will help u
  7. Salma osman

    Nice to know you

    Its a nice song i like it
  8. Salma osman

    Ladies, are we the cause of our husbands cheating?

    Am asking this coz most of the time if a husband cheats he will blame his wife. He will say that his wife shouts at him even a small mistake or sometimes he will say that his wife doesn't care the way she use to care when they first met. So, is true?? And if it is true what are we suppose to...
  9. Salma osman

    Emergency call

  10. Salma osman

    Emergency call

  11. Salma osman

    Emergency call

    Johnny:hello is this 911? Police:yes whats your emergency johnny:2 girls are fighting over me police:and whats wrong with that? Johnny:the ugly one is winning......hurry
  12. Salma osman

    Mwanaume Hana Moods

    U need to give him time mayb he will change.otherwise pole.
  13. Salma osman

    Mke wa mtu ukiamua kutembea nje ya's and don'ts

    If u r married woman and a married man wants u just tell him this:- ''my dear u r married and am married and u feel u really wants me i promise i will give 2 u whatever u want just do one thing 4 me, allow your wife 2 sleep with my husband." u will c how he will act.nakuambia atakoma...
  14. Salma osman

    Bended knee

    is it bad???
  15. Salma osman

    Chukulia kwamba we ni mzazi wangu

    I will just call u and tell u my dear son whatever u r doing is not good coz u r still young 2 do that.
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