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  • Kaka naomba unitumie kupitia abeliskal@gmail.com ama abel_ndundulu@yahoo.com.TAFADHALI,I am an addict.
    Mkuu, no problem at all - and you don't have to apologize - because that's perfectly understandable and it is pretty much a good etiquette and a standard thing to ask. And, I am glad to clear your qualms that I am in fact a HE as you thought before. (Ni kweli kabisa ndugu, huu mfumo wetu DUME ndivyo ulivyo, lakini usijali, maana sisi wenyewe (Watanzania) tumeuzoea). And secondly, YES, you are absolutely correct, we are definitely comrades now and there's no doubt about that. Which brings me to my third agenda: could you also clarify please, are you a HE or a SHE? :smile:

    It was definitely a pleasure, and an amazing blessing at that, to interact with you last night! Thank you for your good, patriotic, spirit my friend.

    Asante kwa taarifa, kweni ulipopewa hilo jina ulikuwa hujui maana yake. Kwa kweli mimi pia umenifunza, nilikuwa na jirani zamani sana, a boy with that name.
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