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  • you've got to meet someone like me at least once in your life! I won't tell you that I like having fun, walks on the beach, and traveling. You've probably read hundreds of such profiles that really tell you nothing about the person. Instead, I will give you a peek into one of the most unusual people you will ever meet. My friends say that I am even lovelier on the inside than I am on the outside. My life motto is: dare to be different. My job is something that gives me great satisfaction. I am generally happiest when I am in church. My last relationship ended because she cheated on me. My last date was so long ago that I am forgetting what kissing feels like. I realize that you've probably read the profiles of many others who seem as appealing as I do. However, I think that I am an especially good choice because I want to be friend with everyone.
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    other things like that which thou serest below these pictures must exist because the world has done round
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