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What is Christmas?

Discussion in 'Jamii Intelligence' started by Pearl, Dec 27, 2015.

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    You celebrate it, you enjoy it - but have you ever wondered what is Christmas? Calling you friends and families over for delectable meals, exchanging gifts by the side of beautifully adorned trees, this is what we comprehend of the Christmas holidays.

    But what exactly is this widely celebrated time of the year all about?

    What is Christmas?
    When it comes to discussing the origins of Christmas, many theories have been brought forward claiming one thing or the other about Christmas. The widely-believed theory suggests that Christmas has been with us for over 4,000 years and celebrations similar to that of Christmas took place even before the birth of the Christ child.

    Although Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year, About Christmas it has been said that Jesus was in
    fact born in the spring. Well, you get it right - there are a lot of contradictory statements associated with the origins of Christmas.

    But this doesn't really hamper the meaning of Christmas. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus while coming together with your friends and family and bonding with one another. The religious meaning of Christmas, however, has been declining slowly.

    These days, it's more of commercialism associated with the holidays. People flocking at Target and Wal-mart stores with shopping carts full of gifts and ornaments are a common sight. Have we become more inclined to the commercial aspect of the holidays? It is important that the tradition of family bonding associated with the Christmas holidays continues forever and the essence of Christmas stays among us.

    Your opinion please is needed.!