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    Topic: pata vocha ya bure ya skype ya euro 1.02 kupiga kokote duniani

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      Default pata vocha ya bure ya skype ya euro 1.02 kupiga kokote duniani

      hey wajeda hamjambo?? Trick mpya hii ya kupata credit za skype zenye thamani ya euro 1

      unachotakiwa kuwa nacho ni computer na internet halafu fata process hizi

      KWANZA: nenda http://hotspotshield.com/ kadownload vpn yao then install kwenye pc yako

      PILI: rudi hapa na uclick hii link ya kugenerate vocher ambayo ni hii http://skype.hotspotshield.com/banner.php
      halafu utaona msg inasema click uchukue vocha we utaclick then watakupa namba yavocha

      TATU: nenda skype.com log in na aacount yako halafu ingiza hio vocha

      Note: jinsi utavokua na computer nyingi ndo utavopata credit nyingi

      Haya wajeda wahini upesi kabla hazijaisha

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      Default Re: pata vocha ya bure ya skype ya euro 1.02 kupiga kokote duniani

      installing virtual machines and install many machine might help you

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      Default Re: pata vocha ya bure ya skype ya euro 1.02 kupiga kokote duniani

      Napata ujumbe huu ktk hii link:http://skype.hotspotshield.com/banner.php
      Temporary unavailable
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