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    Topic: AfriNIC internet industry meeting set for Tanzania

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      Default AfriNIC internet industry meeting set for Tanzania

      May 30, 2011

      THE African Network Information Centre (AfriNIC) is to hold its 14th bi-annual meeting from June 4 to 10 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with this year’s main themes being IPv6 deployment in Africa, cyber security and interconnecting Africa.

      Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the next generation of the internet protocol that is currently in various stages of deployment on the internet.

      It was designed as a replacement for the current version, IPv4, that has been in use since 1982 and is in the final stages of exhausting its unallocated address space.

      AfriNIC-14 is a platform for all the continent’s internet industry players to discuss the latest development in global best practice for managing internet resources in the African region.

      Primarily targeted at the technical community, governments, regulators, civil society and existing AfriNIC members, the meeting is also open to anyone, including end-users of the internet.

      AfriNIC-14 will play host to vibrant policy discussions where all the stakeholders present can contribute to the development of management and distribution policies for internet number resources.

      The 4th AfriNIC Government Working Group (AfGWG) meeting and a workshop for law enforcement agencies will also be held on June 10. The aim of this meeting is to strengthen the collaboration between AfriNIC and African governments and regulators, in order to create a dynamic framework to address general internet governance challenges faced by the region, and specifically those related to the role of governments with respect to internet resources.

      The agendas of the meetings comprises of discussions on Africa post IPv4 global depletion, the transition to IPv6 and its challenges in Africa and the way forward.

      The meeting will also be an opportunity for governments and regulators to share their thoughts and experiences as well as setting up structures to aid in the deployment of IPv6 in their respective countries.

      AfriNIC-14 will also include tutorials, trainings, and presentations on sector-relevant issues such as IPv6, cyber security, internet resources management and internet governance.

      The AfriNIC-14 meeting will be held jointly with African Network Operators Group AfNOG-12, a forum for the exchange of technical information, and aims to promote discussion of implementation issues that require community cooperation through coordination and cooperation among network service providers to ensure the stability of service to end users.

      The goal of AfNOG is to share experience of technical challenges in setting up, building and running Internet Protocol networks on the African continent.

      CHANZO: AfriNIC internet industry meeting set for Tanzania
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      Default Re: AfriNIC internet industry meeting set for Tanzania

      Hebu nielewesheni kuhusu hyo IPv6 na kutakua na mabadiliko gan ikianza kutumika...

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      Default Re: AfriNIC internet industry meeting set for Tanzania

      Huu mkutano utafanyika Kunduchi Beach Resort kuanzia tarehe 7-10 Juni, 2011. Ni mkutano wa kimataifa na kiingilio ni bure,usajili utafanyika palepale hotelini.Jamani tujitokeze kwa wingi maana hii ni nafasi adhimu. Ni nafasi nzuri sana ya kujifunza kwa wanafunzi wa chuo, wahadhiri na wakufunzi, ISPs na wengine wengi wenye interest na mabo ya IT.
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