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    Topic: Access bank tanzania vacancies

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      Default Access bank tanzania vacancies

      Career Opportunities
      As a young and fast-growing bank, AccessBank is constantly looking out for motivated and qualified individuals to strenghten our team. For most front office positions, AccessBank prefers to recruit graduates straight from college/university – although we place less emphasis on degrees than a strong character, a clear mind, and genuine commitment. However there are also other positions for which very specific qualifcations are required.
      If you are interested to work with AccessBank, please look out for career opportunities listed on this website. If no suitable vacany is listed, you can nonetheless send your CV through the Online Application Form provided below and we will retain it for future consideration.
      Written Applications either by letter or email will not be accepted. Copies of Educational Certificates, Testimonials and/or References are NOT required at this stage.
      Opportunities Available
      No Job Title No of Posts Description
      1 Network Administrator 1 Plan, deploy, configure and maintain router and switches, administrative responsibility for network
      2 Legal Assistant 1 Providing legal assistance to credit department in all relevant matters of business
      dead line:30-Nov 2010


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      Default Re: Access bank tanzania vacancies

      Ahsante sana kwa taarifa, MWANASHERIA mimi sijapata kazi bado. Nafikiri hiyo ya Legal Assistant nina vigezo, subiri nijaribu, maana ajira za siku hizi duh, mpaka umjue mtu huko..... Thanx

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      Default Re: Access bank tanzania vacancies

      Ukipata muda tembelea NAOMBAKAZI.COM nenda sehemu ya Labels Kwa nchi Chagua Tanzania au kama ni Taaluma maalumu chagua Legal Jobs utaona Nafansi zinazohusiana na Legal au Human Rights

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      Default Re: Access bank tanzania vacancies

      habari zenu jamii forum memembers,kama kutakuwa na kazi yeyote inayohusiana na uhasibu au inayoshabihiana naomba tutaarifiane wa ndugu zanguni.
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