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    Topic: Ajira JWTZ

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      Default Ajira JWTZ

      Good news kwa wale wote mlokua na shahuku ya kwenda monduli. Nafasi za professional wa kujiunga na jwtz ni mwezi wa tisa. Get ready kuchapa mwendo. Hii ni kutokana na chanzo changu cha habar sababu na mi ni mmoja wa wahanga

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      Quote By inoxidable onyenyo View Post
      So mchakato wa application unaendaje?
      Hakuna application jeshini!

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      Default Re: Ajira JWTZ

      Mbona hili suala lipo kiutani utani zaidi? mtoa maada hajatoa hata detail au ndo anataka aende peke yake? Kuweni serious jamani tunazihitaji hizo kazi.

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