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    Topic: Somesha mtoto mmoja yaendelea- soma zaidi

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      Default Somesha mtoto mmoja yaendelea- soma zaidi

      In February, 2013, I visited one secondary school in spearheading the programme SOMESHA MTOTO MMOJA- A project which aims at identifying deprivedstudents looking for financial support, and linking them with Tanzanians who have been blessed in one way or the other and are able to pay for tuition fees just for one student. My analysis is that school fees do not exceed Tshs 150,000 per annum in a government school setting. Which means, your TSHS 12,500 saving per month (Or just TSHS 400 per day) will at the end of the day change the life of your fellow Tanzanian,his/her family and the nation as a whole.The school that I visited is found in Morogoro, in an area which is bordered by a college and also a boys’high school, which for a number of years, have led to social interactions/relationships between boy/male students and female from the neighborhood.

      As a consequence, many children were born while their fathers had already graduated fromschool/college and leaving them under care of mothers only. Very unfortunately,this led to their mothers heartbreaking away to rummage around for such thingto earn a living and that now most students are taken care by their grandparents who are not even able to feed their families leave alone paying school fees.

      I asked the school to submit only ten names of students of the worst cases scenario so that we start supporting them. So far, SOMESHAMTOTO MMOJA Program has supported three students.Our approach: ONCE WE IDENTIFY A NEEDY STUDENT, ANY IF YOU,AS A SPONSOR COME IN, YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE CONTACT OF THE SCHOOL OR THE FAMILYSO THAT SCHOOL FEES GO DIRECT TO THE SCHOOL OR THE PARENT.

      Narrated Below, are the ten names looking for your well-regarded support; the amount we are asking from you is only TSHS 139,000 per year for the students who are in Form One and Tshs 116,000 for students who are in FormTWO and above…..We are now asking foryour only Tshs 60,000/= So that we pay school fees for the first term and without your support students will drop out of studies only because they cannot afford to pay 119,000/=, 0r 139,000 as annual payment. Once we get ten people as supporters, we shall launch a special SOMESHA MTOTO MMOJA programme so that we make it a countrywide programme.

      Christopher Andendekisye
      Country Representative-SENSE INTERNATIONAL
      Also: Founder of thisprogramme- SOMESHA MTOTO MMOJA –As a personal programme to support education initiatives in Tanzania.
      For more information: +255 653 234010/ 763 894508

      NB: The Information has been compiled and sent by the school:

      (1 ) Person Information:MAIKO EMMANUEL
      Birthday:- 27thJuly, 1997 ;Gender : - male Favorite subjects :- Maths, Geography , Biology , Chemistry , Physics , and English Dream: I want be a Doctor Hobbies : Football + volleyball; Hometown –Mvomero district (Morogoro)

      Maiko Emmanuel Bio-Is the first born infamily of 2. His father departed from home long time ago to the extent that,Maiko does not even remember his father’s face.He is now living with her mother who is unemployed and subsists on communal crop production. Maiko is intelligent and he was the first boy among 150 students. He is now in form II so your assistance to him is not invain.

      (2)Person Information: HELENA DANFORD
      Birthday:- 29thMay 1998Gender : -female; Favorite sub : Maths, Geography , Biology , Chemistry ,Physics , and English Dream: I want be a Doctor Hobbies ; netballHometown – Mvomero district;

      Helena Danford, She is the first born in a family of 2, her father has refused her since she was young and unfortunatelyshe doesn’t know even the face. She isunder care of her mother who is unemployed and subsists on Communal crop production.At a point she finds difficult to raise a funds and pay for her school fees andother contribution due to Economic hardship of her mother. She is in form two,a very intelligent girl who used to be the first in the lass.

      (3)Person Information: MARIA VENANCE
      Birth : March 23rd 1999 Gender :- Female Favorite : Maths, Geography , Biology , Chemistry ,Physics , and English Aspiration: I want be a Doctor, Hobbies : Football + volleyball Hometown: Mvomero district;

      Maria Venance Is the fourth born in family of 6 . Her father died when she was young, and her mother is living far away from her because sheis looking for a nice place for agriculture, due to unemployment she is facing. She has left a kid under care of her grandmother without any assistance due the act of being away . She has failed totally to pay school fees and otherschool necessities

      (4)Person Information:NESTORY JUSTINE
      Birth ; 03/04/1997Gender :- male Favorite : Maths, Geography , Biology , Chemistry ,Physics , and English Aspiration: I want be a teacher Hobbies : Football , Basketball and volleyball -Readingnovels

      Nestory Justine Is alone in his family.His mother escaped away after the birth of the child where the child was left to his aunt who raised him up to the present. Fortunately he passed standard seven and he has been selected to join formone , where the aunt found difficult to pay tuition fees due to the economic hardship, because she is just a farmer.

      (5)Personal Information; SAMNE MASAWE:
      Birth 30thMay 1998 Gender Female Favorite : Maths, Geography , Biology , Chemistry ,Physics , English and KiswahiliAspiration: I want be a Lawyer or doctor Hobbies : netball,Reading literature and needlework
      Samne Masawe- Is the firth born in afamily of 3 his father passed away in 1999 the 2 kids have their own father . Her mother is unemployed andsubsists on communal crop production. Samne is in form two class helped by her mother who is in hardship condition to pay school fees and other contributions, a girl is intelligent enough so her assistance , really will be productive . she is now in form two .

      (6)Personal Information:\Birth 21/06/1998Gender Female Favorite : Maths, Geography , Biology , Chemistry ,Physics , and English Aspiration: I want be a teacher Hobbies : Reading ,literature and playing other games eg table tennis, netball

      Mariam Jumanne -Is the only child in afamily . She doesn’t know her father , but also her mother is still alone, she escaped away and left a child with the grandmother . This grandmother raised her fromstandard one to seven . She has passedher exams of standard seven 2011 and was selected to join form one , she has failed to provide school feesdue to economic hardship and you know they are just farmers so the condition is somehow worse .

      (7)Personal Information:: MICHAEL PETER
      Birth: 04//07/1998 Gender male Favorite : Maths, Geography , Biology , Chemistry ,Physics , and English Aspiration: I want be a Lawyer or doctor Hobbies : Football Michael Peter Is third born of afamily of 5 . His brother and sisters have died , he has been left alone . Hismother died in 2012, before her death she was divorced by her husband so afterher death Michael was left under careof his grandmother . Her grandmother isunemployed , just a peasant , has found it difficult to raise a child and payfor her grandson who passed standardseven exam this year 2013 , so Michael has been as a burden to her due to been elected to join form one 2013

      (8)Personal Information-ASHA AALY
      Birth 13/07/1999 Gender Female Favorite : Arts subjects and needlework -Reading novels Aspiration; I want be a PoliceHobbies : Playing netball
      Asha Ally is alone, to her mother and father , who died , somehow long . Father died 2001 followed by mother 2005 .She was left undercare of her grandmother, who helped her from standard one to seven exam but due to the condition of her grandmother , she failed to continue to help her to start the secondary education that why she is looking for help . She started form one this year 2013 with no fees and other contribution

      (9)Person Information; REHEMA
      Birth day ; - 08/09/1999 Gender ; FemaleFavorite ; Arts and Science subjects Aspiration: I want be a Nurse Hobbies : Reading novels;
      Rehema Ally:- Is the third born in family of 3, and her parents died when she was still young her mother died when she has had 1 year and 2 months . She was left under care of her grandmother,who brought her up and sent to school from standard one to seven . She has passed, her standard seven exam , but the grandmother faced difficult to assist her due to economic hardship she is form one this year 2013 with no fees and other school contributions.

      (10)Personal information-BIBIANA MARTIN

      -Birth day-14/04/1999
      -Favorites-Arts andneedlework.
      -Math’s and computer
      -I want to be a-Secretary orTeacher
      -Hobbies:-Playing Netball-ReadingLiteratures.

      Bibiana Martin.
      Is the sixth born in the family of seven .Herfather died in 2004, and left the mother alone. Furthermore, her mother is TBVictim so she has failed to assist a child who has passed her exams in 2012. Bythe time being, a child is living by her brother who is also worseeconomically. The issue of school fees and other contribution has somehow beena difficult case.

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      Default Re: Somesha mtoto mmoja yaendelea- soma zaidi

      La nyongeza ktk tangazo hilo,
      Tukipata watu 10, wakusaidia hao watoto 10 kila mtu atatoa 60,000 tu kwa sasa. Halafu tutakutana pamoja na kuboresha wazo hili. na hao watu kumi nitaomba ikiwezekana tukubali kuwa huko mbeleni kuwe na kitu kama SOMESHA MTOTO MMOJA FOUNDATION-AU kuna mdau alisema tuite TANAID- From the Tanzanian People. Nakaribisha mawazo zaidi.

      Na pamoja na kulipa ada, mpango huu pia utajadili namna ya kupata wazungumzaji wazuri, watakaoenda shule mbali mbali kuhamasisha vijana kusoma zaidi, na wajitambue.

      Tupo pamoja

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      Default Re: Somesha mtoto mmoja yaendelea- soma zaidi

      Safi sana, mnastahili pongezi kwa hili

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