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    Topic: Yanayojiri Katika 'Vyuo Vikuu' na Mitandao ya kijamii kama Benki ya Utamu et al

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      Default Yanayojiri Katika 'Vyuo Vikuu' na Mitandao ya kijamii kama Benki ya Utamu et al

      Haya hapa chini ndo yaliyolipotiwa na gazeti la Kenya:

      Campus divas and rogue morgue attendant

      Updated Monday, February 11 2013 at 00:00 GMT+3

      By David Odongo

      The Internet has made it easier for girls to hook up with rich sugar daddies. Through social media sites like Facebook, many girls can post their details and any interested man is free to contact them for business.In Kenya, the Facebook page, Campus Divas for Rich Men shocked many parents, but in Tanzania, it is now the in thing.

      Through Facebook pages like University Tanzania Jokes, Jicho la Mvulana Liko Fasta Kuliko Google, Benki ya Utamu Tanzania among other sites are now used by high school and university students to sell their ‘wares’.

      The sites aren’t only used for sex trade but also sale of drugs as well as other criminal activities.The students posting on such pages leave their contact details, as well as their photos.

      They also clearly state how much they will charge and how far they can go to ensure a man gets his money’s worth.

      Many of the students are not afraid of posting which hostels and colleges they come from, and majority are from Saint Augustine University (Saut), University of Dar es Salaaam, Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam (UDSM), University of Dodoma(Udom).

      Souce: Standard Digital News - Kenya : Magazines : Campus divas and rogue morgue attendant
      Hasta ala victoria, siempré

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      Default Re: Yanayojiri Katika 'Vyuo Vikuu' na Mitandao ya kijamii kama Benki ya Utamu et al

      its all about e-commerce..and when the world gives you a lemon you change it into lemonade!.
      kulalamika hakutakaa kusaidie.....bahati mbaya hatushangai watu wanavyopeleka vyombo vya anga kwenye sayari za mbali tunabaki kushangaa the obvious....
      ..''I wasted time, and now those time waste me''...Shakespear

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