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    Topic: Kenya 2013 Hit Songs of the far...

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      Default Kenya 2013 Hit Songs of the far...

      Top 10 Songs of the far:

      10. Wyre – Nakupenda Pia (feat. Alaine)
      First he had Cecile on his song, and now Alaine! This has to go down as the most enviable collaborations of the year. And he got Alaine to sing in Swahili!!!

      9. Collo – Floss Na Wewe (feat. Stella Mwangi & Mimmo)
      And the award for the most "extravagant and elegant" song of the year goes to Mr. Versatility himself, Collo. Definitely one of the most ambitious songs by a Kenyan artist in a long time.

      8. Just A Band – Matatizo
      They flipped a sample of Issa Juma's "Matatizo Nimeyazoea" and created the most mellow and yet empowering song of the year so far. I was a fan before this song, but now i'm a bonafide STAN of Just A Band.

      7. Jaguar – Kipepeo
      He found a winning formula and he is sticking to it. As much as it doesn't expand much on his signature sound, it is an awesome song all the same.

      6. Redsan – Badder Than Most
      The Dancehall veteran of the 254 came back strong with this Sappi produced banger.

      5. Octopizzo – Swag (feat. Amina)
      "Kukula mahindi choma ni swag!" One of the leading men in Hip-Hop redefined the word SWAG for the world. And how glorious does Amina sound on the hook!

      4. Sauti Sol – Still The One
      The hottest group in the land made the ladies melt with this one! I can't count the number of times I've walked past a girl singing along to this jam. They can do no wrong.

      3. P-Unit – Mobimba (feat. Alicios)
      Party anthem of the year? I definitely think so! Who knew we would ever fall in love with Lingala again!

      2. Sage – So Alive (feat. Octopizzo)
      And the title for Rookie of The Year goes to...SAGE! Her voice is beyond amazing, with an incredible range to match. Octo comes through with a strong verse and takes this song to cloud 9! This is definitely one of those songs that deserves the "classic" title. Can't wait to hear a full album from this talented lady.

      1. Rabbit – Ligi Soo
      There was really no debate about which song would land at number one. While he excelled lyrically last year, this year he has perfected the "hit-record" formula and he created the most memorable song of the year so far. All hail KAKA SUNGURA!
      --as per Homboyz Radio

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      Default Re: Kenya 2013 Hit Songs of the far...

      fundamendo iko wapi?

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      Quote By Geza Ulole View Post
      fundamendo iko wapi?
      Labda number 11. The emptiness of the track imechangia ngoma yenyewe ifungiwe nche ya kumi bora.Yaani haina content.

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      Default Re: Kenya 2013 Hit Songs of the far...

      I have listened these songs. These are the best songs of Kenya in 2013.

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      Default Re: Kenya 2013 Hit Songs of the far...

      Habari zenu,

      Mimi ni Mtanzania, na ninapenda sana ngoma kutoka Kenya. Ila kuna ngoma moja siijui title yake, na ningependa sana mnipatie title.

      Ngoma yenyewe chorus kaimba demu (......) ila pia kuna jamaa anaidakia hiyo chorus kwa kuimba alipopo alipopo (hiki ndiko ninacho kisikia). Hivyo basi, kama kuna yeyote anayeujua, tafadhali anipe title ya wimbo.

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