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    Topic: Uchaguzi KENYA

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    1. Sparkle boy's Avatar
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      Default Uchaguzi KENYA

      James Kiyiapi,Peter Keneth,Mwalimu(ARK),Martha,Moh amed,Uhuru Kenyata,Mudavada,Raila unadhani mshindi nani na kwanini?

    2. Dr. Ng'ida D. Mollel's Avatar
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      Default Re: Uchaguzi KENYA

      Hakuna wa kumfananisha na RAILA

    3. simplemind's Avatar
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      Default Re: Uchaguzi KENYA

      Jibu march 4 au april 11

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      Default Re: Uchaguzi KENYA

      Raila ni noma...

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      Default Re: Uchaguzi KENYA

      Niraisi atakae ondoa ukabila,nae sie mwingine raila,siasa za udini na ukabila sio nzuri na ndio maana raila hua anamnukuu nyerere mara kwa mara,kwani mzee nxerere alijenga msing wa Tanzania kwa umakini mkubwa kuliko kenyata na kenya yake,sasa mtoto wake ataweza kua na mbinu mbadala kusinda baba yake?raila ndio sumu ya ukabila kenya plz tumuombee kwa ndini zote hata kama hamna dini ombeni vivyo hivyo

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