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    Topic: Witch hunting on opponents vying seats

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      Thumbs down Witch hunting on opponents vying seats

      21st August 10
      More than 10 candidates face objections

      The Guardian Reporter

      More than 10 parliamentary candidates risk being axed from the election race following objections raised against them by fellow candidates.
      However, no objection had been received against the seven presidential aspirants by the 4pm deadline yesterday, the National Electoral Commission Chairman, Judge Lewis Makame told The Guardian.
      The candidate whose bid to enter the race now awaits NEC ruling include three vying for the Ukerewe seat in Mwanza Region whose candidature is being contested by outgoing Ukerewe MP, Gertrude Mongela.
      They are Salvatory Naluyaga Machemli (Chadema), Japani Joctan Kulwijila (CUF) and Joramu Chalanga Kajeli (NCCR- Mageuzi).
      Also at risk is the outgoing Singida Urban legislator, Mohamed Gullam Dewji whose candidature is being contested by the Chadema candidate for the same seat, Josephat Isango Hadu.
      In Bahi constituency in Dodoma Region, a CCM candidate, Badwel Omar has raised objection against three opposition candidates - Miriam Kimboi (UPDP),
      Melkzedek Lesaka (SAU) and Eva Habel Kaka (CUF), the SAU candidate has in turn raised objection, questioning Badwel’s citizenship.
      In Hai constituency, Kilimanjaro Region, the bid by the Chadema National Chairman, Freeman Mbowe for the Hai seat is contested by the CCM candidate while in Nzega constituency opposition candidates are up against the CCM contestant, Dr Hamisi Andrea Kigwangala.
      Mongela tabled her objection before Ukerewe Returning Officer, Dr Leonard Masale stating that the three opposition party candidates had been nominated to contest for the seat through a procedure that was against the electoral law.
      Dr Masale said the three candidates have been given until 12.00 noon today to respond to Dr Mongela’s accusations, adding: “If they fail to meet the deadline they will be disqualified as candidates for their parties.”
      He said further that after being disqualified, they would not be allowed to run any campaign until the results are announced after the general elections.
      In the Singida Urban objection, the Chadema candidate has cited three reasons for contesting Dewji’s candidature in the parliamentary race.
      According to a copy of the objection, the Chadema candidate is accusing the outgoing legislator of not following conditions and procedures of the Election Expenses Act 2010 section 21 (1) (c).
      He is alleging that Dewji had distributed party (CCM) T-shirts and vitenge to women and other voters in the constituency.
      He is contending that the people he provided T-shirts and vitenge to were the ones who were campaigning for him.
      The Singida Urban Returning officer, Davi Bulala admitted to have received the objection.
      In Bahi constituency, the Returning Officer, Frank Ernest told The Guardian that the CCM aspirant had accused the three opposition contestants of forging signatures of their purported guarantors in the nomination forms submitted to the returning officer.
      In turn however, the SAU candidate, Melkzedek Lesaka also filed a counter-objection alleging that Badwel was not a Tanzanian citizen, and that his parents had originated from Mombasa, Kenya.
      “Badwel has been travelling to Mombassa most of the time, he has no official citizenship and has never denounced his Kenyan citizenship,” says Lesaka in his objection.
      Reports from Nzega say opposition parties yesterday filed objection against the CCM candidate, Dr Hamisi Andrea Kigwangala, claiming that the candidate was using a forged name of Hamis Andrea.
      They are claiming that Dr Kigwangala was previously known by the name of ‘Said Nasoro’ at Kitongo primary school.
      The first contestant to lodge the objection was CUF’s Kizwalo Dominic Clement, followed by Chadema’s John Massanja Mezza.
      In Hai, Moshi, CCM candidate, Fuya Kimbita filed an objection claiming that the Chadema chairman had not paid government tax amounting to 48m/- from the operations of his hotel known as Aishi Protea Hotel in Machame District.
      The Hai returning officer, Nicholaus Mtega confirmed receiving the objection.
      Meanwhile the National chairman for NEC, Judge Lewis Makame told this paper in a telephone interview that until 04:00 they had not received any objection regarding presidential candidates who submitted their nomination forms on Thursday at his office.
      Our reporters who were at the NEC offices said officials waited until the 04:00pm, but nobody brought any objection against the candidates.
      The NEC Principal State Attorney Venosa Mkwizu confirmed at last that there was no single person who had objected to the presidential candidates.

      More than 10 candidates face objections

      MY TAKE:

      Jamani kutochaguliwa kwa mgombea na chama husika si kunahusu katiba ya chama husika? au? katiba ya NEC? na kwa vile vyama vinavyopitisha wagombea through CC kinyume na matakwa ya wapiga kura je? Mama Mongella acha kuchemka!
      Na suala la Mbowe, ni Mbowe hulipa kodi ya Aisha Maisha Protea au kampuni inayoendesha? Huku sasa tunaita kuogopa upinzani majimboni!

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      Default Re: Witch hunting on opponents vying seats

      Quote By dubo View Post
      Mtu ambaye halipe Kodi hafai kuwa kiongozi katika nafasi yoyote ile nchini kwa kuwa ni FISADI
      kuna kutokulipa na kukwepa nathani unachanganya vitu hivi viwili!

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      Default Re: Witch hunting on opponents vying seats

      msitetee hata uozo kwa vile tu unahusu viongozi wa chadema. sasa kama yeye halipi kodi je akipata hiyo nafasi ya uongozi si ndo itakuwa balaa? Si mara ya kwanza kwa huyu bwana mkubwa wa chadema kusikia kuwa si muungwana kwenye biashara zake kuhusu suala la kodi. Au anataka waende ikulu ili akakwepe vizuri? This is funny kwa mtu mkubwa hivi kwenye chama. HAYO YANAWEZEKANA CHADEMA TU NA BADO WATU WA JAMII FORUM WAKAMSIFIA. Again this is funny to me and to others.
      we have to be focused!

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