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    Topic: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

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      Default Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

      While celebrating 50 years anniversary I take this hard time to memorize you on the corruption scandals happened in our country.
      Issue/ Event
      Date of Event
      Cost to the Nation
      Government Explanation
      · BAE Security Radar Scandal
      £28 million
      Tanzania government agreed to buy over-priced radar, which at the moment it cannot maintain. It came to be known later; more than a third of the total purchasing price was paid to a middleman of British citizenship to secure the contract. Also based on Interpol report, one government minister had siphoned more than £1m to his bank account in Jersey, UK. After much international legal actions, BAE was ordered by court to pay £30m to Tanzanian government.[1]

      · EPA Scandal
      US$116 million
      The scandal consists of fraudulent payment of about TSh133 billion ($116 million) made by the Bank of Tanzania to 22 companies in the financial year 2005/06 involving the repayment of the country’s external debt.[2] After the transactions became wildly known, the President sucked the Central Bank Governor and asked "kindly" those who looted the national treasury to return the money. A few months later, according to a government pronouncement, nearly half of the money (Tsh 60 billion) had “mysteriously” found its way back into State coffers. The Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police have refused to disclose the names, pleading for patience because the investigation is still going on. So far, not all monies have been returned, and the government has neither released the names of the culprits nor decided to take any legal actions against them. [3]

      · Kiwira, Meremeta and other mining related scandals
      2000 - present
      Government officials in the previous administrations had taken advantage of the privatization policies, and privatized national mines to themselves. A good example is Kiwira mines, which were privatized to two individuals: the president and his minister for Energy and Natural Resources. The President of that time Mr. Benjamin Mkapa was rather "smart", registering his shares as AnBen Company; AnBen standing for first names of his wife Ann and himself Benjamin. [4]

      · Richmond, Dowans Electricity Scandal
      US$150 million (TSh172 billion)
      In 2006 Tanzania faced a serious crisis in electricity supply and, as an emergency measure Richmond was awarded a contract to supply generators to provide 100 megawatts at a cost of TShs 172 billion. The generators failed to arrive on time and when they did they did not work as required. The pipeline was never built and the generators were provided by another company. Under part of the contract however the government agreed to pay some $137,000 a day regardless of the amount of electricity provided. Opposition MP’s began to smell a rat and the House of Assembly set up a Select Committee to investigate the whole saga under the chairmanship of the ruling CCM party’s Kyela MP Dr Harrison Mwakyembe. The committee worked diligently and eventually came up with a 165- page report. Parliamentary findings showed the Prime Minister (Edward Lowasa) to be involved in awarding the contract to non-existing US-based company, and the Prime Minister resigned. However, the Tanzanian government had to keep the contract and keep paying a non-existing company US$137,000 a day without any power being generated.[5]
      Despite of the scandals, the president is enjoying honours from various institutions as detailed below. My worry is are we taking this scandals to the next fifty years simply because the goverment is a going concern entity? or we just leave them simply citizens do not ask and no one to blem ( the whole sytem is corrupt).
      Awarded by
      Date of Award
      Reason for Award
      · Honorary Doctor of Law
      September 2006
      in recognition of his dedicated public service[8]
      · Doctor of Humane Letters
      Dr Harris Mule, Kenyatta University
      19 December 2008
      in recognition of his great effort in leadership excellence, peace initiative and support for education[9][10]
      · Honorary doctorate in the science field of International Relations
      February 2010
      for promoting international relations between Turkey and Tanzania[11]
      · Honorary degree of Public Health
      11 December 2010
      for his efforts in modernizing the health sector and ensuring higher learning opportunities for health workers[12]
      · Doctor of laws Honoris causa
      October 2011
      at the 41st graduation ceremony of the University of Dar es Salaam[13]
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      umesahau udom.Naona wanazuoni wanamkubali sana.
      "Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly."-John 7:24 NLT

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history- Just to memorize

      wengi tunaweza kudhani kuwa haya mambo yatakuja na kupita lakini kwa hili sidhani. Kama watu waliweza kulifuta Azimio la Arusha sidhani kama ni kazi kuzifuta hizi 'phd' hili kurejesha hadhi yake! Anyway, ni mtazamo

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

      Kwenye orodha yako ongeza Buzwagi, IPTL, Wanyama hai no.

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

      The longest running, most expensive legal suit in Dar's history, known as the Valambhia case. A civil case (#201/1989) between two business partners began during Mwinyi's regime and when the Tanzanian Govt. intervened gave birth to 14 cases, continued like an addiction during Mkapa's regime, and continues as a special project of few Tz officials and their lawyer friends, today. On March 2003, after unprecedented rulings, Judgements from the highest court of the land, the COA, the case was final/conclusively determined by the COA. However, in October 2003, Andrew Chenge, the AG, blatanlty disregarded the rule of law and subverted the judgement from the COA, to allow a res judicata case to continue. He placed it before a Judge who was at one time involved in the original suit, representing the other business partner. Case continues, cash flow out of BoT continues to flow into pockets of few TZ officials and friends.

      Who has benefitted and continues to benefit today on a bogus case against a dead man?

      Mkono was the lawyer for BoT, who advised the late gov. Balali not to obey any rulings, judgements from the courts. To date, a conservative estimate on the amount he got paid in legal fees is over $20M. Rumor is the amount is far more than the decretal amount. The costs of the case far exceed the decretal amount.

      Today, Mkono is on a retainer at the BoT.

      It is said the official numbers on this matter, from the beginning is astronomical. The first initial looted amounts were around $40M. But these are conservative estimates. The looted numbers are higher as the case has been continuing like an unstoppable train for the past 20 yrs and counting. Case continues, forever open draft at the BoT.

      One lawyer involved in the case representing the BoT has stated this is a War of Attrition. Meaning a forever and ever open draft at the BoT.

      In the words of one senior official:
      "There is no case, they sit there and make up fiction. There is no case. The case was already decided by the Highest court of the land. There is a judgement from the highest court of the land. Yet, they continue this bogus case, And no one cares to stop it, because its their cash generating machine."
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      Ongezea kesi ya minofu ya samaki

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

      Haya matatizo ndiyo yametufikisha hapa.

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

      "After much international legal actions, BAE was ordered by court to pay £30m to Tanzanian government"
      is this the best way to compasate the victim of corruption?

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

      .....+++++, ongeza na kashfa wa wizi wa bilioni 200 katika account ya escrow - benki kuu !

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

      Pride, uda

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      Default Re: Corruption scandals in Tanzania history - Just to memorize

    13. Clean9

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