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    Topic: Ruaha University College, (RUCO) waanza kutoa PhD ya sheria 2011/2012

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      Default Ruaha University College, (RUCO) waanza kutoa PhD ya sheria 2011/2012

      Kuna tetesi nimezipata jana hapa mkoani Iringa kutoka kwa wadau wa jirani kabisa wa chuo kikuu cha Ruaha kilichopo mkoani Iringa ambacho ni branch ya SAUT. Inasemekana kua katika mwaka ujao wa masomo 2011/2012 wanaanzisha Phd ya Sheria. Hapo wadau tunaonaje.
      Nakaribisha michango yenu

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      Chuo bado ni kidogo mno.Watu wa PHD kitawaweka wapi na hali mpaka sasa almost ni overpopulated. Waache kuchakachua mambo! Wakimudu population iliyopo ndipo wafikilie kutoa PHD

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      Default Re: Ruaha university college, (ruco) waanza kutoa phd ya sheria 2011/2012

      Hapa napta tu.

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      Default Re: Ruaha University College, (RUCO) waanza kutoa PhD ya sheria 2011/2012

      Hizo sio tetesi bali ni habari za kweli. Na wamekwishaanza tangu mwaka jana I think this is the second round. It was made public through adverts and their website. Hii inaenda sambamba na SAUT main cumpus where the same PhD programme is offered. SAUT is also the only University offering PhD in Mass Communication there at DSM campus. I believe they have undergone all necessary scrutiny from the appropriate authorities like TCU and approval has been granted for them to do so.

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