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    Topic: Watu waoga

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      Default Watu waoga

      Jambaz mmoja aliwakamata mume na mke ili awauwe,kwanza likawaambia kabla cjauwa huwa napenda kujua jina la m2 nnaemuua.....akamshka mwnmke na kumuwekea kisu shingoni akamuuliza unaitwa nan? Mwnmke akajibu MARY,jambaz likasema we ctakuua kwa sababu jna lako ni kama la mamangu. Kisha akamshika mwnme na kumuuliza, na wewe unaitwa nan? Mwnme akajibu naitwa ANDREW ila kazn,mtaan,kijiwen hata nyumbani wananiita MARY!

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      Default Re: Watu waoga

      Hehehehehe nimeipenda hiyo

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      Default Re: Watu waoga

      Teh teh nice
      If first calculation is wrong,we make a second better,we find comfort somewhere!

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      Default Re: Watu waoga

      huyo jibaba mtaalamu wa kunyumbulika!! aminia

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      Default Re: Watu waoga

      Nice! Guy is creative!
      "Bread doesn`t belong to the wise nor wealth to the rich . . . only time and chance governs all"

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      Default Re: Watu waoga

      we mkali.

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      Default Re: Watu waoga

      Wacha weeeeee

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      Default Re: Watu waoga


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