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    Topic: Museveni can’t go to war - Besigye

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      Lightbulb Museveni can’t go to war - Besigye

      The NRM leader ferries supporters to rallies’

      President Museveni cannot go back to the bush if defeated next year because he will be isolated internationally, Dr Kizza Besigye assured supporters in Busoga last week.
      Featuring on Eastern Voice radio in Bugiri district on Thursday, Besigye said the days when coups were fashionable are long gone, citing various international conventions against war and abuse of human rights, and the overthrow of democratically elected governments.

      “We have the ICC and the African Union that would deal with that scenario and I do not think Museveni would circumvent these,” he said.

      Besigye said the country had seen the downfall of regimes underpinned by strong armies such as that of Idi Amin and Dr Milton Obote; therefore, Museveni should not think that the military can solve everything.

      From page 1Last month, the People’s Progressive Party leader, Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, was quoted as saying that the army had vowed to seize power if Besigye had won the 2001 elections.

      Asked what he would do if he lost in the February 2011 elections, Besigye just replied: “I will win.”Campaigning at Nango, Mayuge district on Friday, Besigye said Museveni’s support had drastically fallen to the extent that he had resorted to ferrying supporters to his rallies.

      “Mr Museveni ferries supporters to his rallies because he has lost support. Is there any of you here who can say I am the one who brought you here?”Besigye added that with the dwindling support due to his poor policies, Museveni is ripe for a fall which he said will come early next year.

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      Default Re: Museveni can’t go to war - Besigye

      Besigye should not just think about the ''going to bush option'' to be used by Museven, African leaders have many different ways of retaining themselves into the power just think about Bagbo,he has lost the election already but for sure he will never step down and African Union will do nothing than letting them opt for coallition governiment whereby Bagbo will remain to be Ivory Coast president, tha case is the same in many African countries there has never been true DEMOCRACY

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