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    • utani mitaani

      post za utani unaoelimisha na kuburudisha jamii

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: Today 12:38

      36 member(s)
      Latest Discussion:
      Natafiuta mchumba
    • Environmental Consultants

      This is where we can develop our careers and support in environmental issues, health, green planning in cities etc

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: Today 11:43

      12 member(s)
    • TEKUSEC - Environmental Club

      Its all about Environmental protection and Conservation.
      As a user of the mother nature, this group will help you to maintain our mother nature resources and realize the impacts on Environment

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: Today 11:37

      5 member(s)
      Latest Discussion:
      Climate change
    • Maisha ya ujana na UKRISTO.

      Kama wewe ni kijana unaetamani kufurahia maisha ya ujana bila kupoteza ukristo wako, HAPA NI SEHEMU YAKO. Tunatiana moyo, faraja na elimu ya jinsi gani tunaweza kufanikisha malengo yetu. AMEN.

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: Today 11:33

      116 member(s)
      Latest Discussion:
      What is your hobby?
    • Tujifunze BIBLIA

      Kupitia mwazo tofauti, hapa tunajifunza BIBLIA(agano la kale & agano jipya) na kuelimishana vifungu ambavyo kwako imekuwa vigumu kuelewa maana yake.

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: Today 11:33

      273 member(s)

      Welcome to the World Wide Official Jamii Forums Group

      Follow us on :-





      Contact Info:-
      [email protected]

      JOIN US TODAY !!

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: Yesterday 22:25

      1 member(s)
      Latest Discussion:
      This group doesn't have any discussions yet.

      We tailor make our safaris and bush skills training to suit individual needs and interest that may give you opportunity to explore the mysteries,magic,and wonders of Tanzania wildlife.
      Be an adventurous person who thrives on developing new trips and making environmental education interest and accessible.
      The centre began its operation in 2014 and has since ivolved into tour guide bush skills training,trekking,walking safaris,bird watching,camping and community developments tours we enviable still growing reputation for work with more than 10 Tanzania tourism colleges such as East africa training college [Dodoma campus],Tabora msoma utalii college[Tabora campus],Dodoma college,Hombolo tourist college etc.
      Be marketable with Ruaha guiding field centre after to attend your theory.
      For more infor 0768052234/0755494719 [email protected]
      P.o.box 1333
      Ruaha National park_Iringa Tanzania

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: Yesterday 03:21

      2 member(s)
    • JF Gamers

      Kama wewe ni Game Player(Single / Multiplayer) wa Pc games,PlayStation Games , Xbox Game, Nintendo Wii Games, Android Games. Hapa utapata update za new released games, Crack Game. HD Game for Android, System Requirement for the game. Cheats,Tricks,Online games,Troubleshooting Techniques.Pia utapata updates za Graphic drivers improvements kwa Laptops na Desktops.

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: 2nd August 2015 17:39

      4 member(s)
      Latest Discussion:
      Mad Max PS4
    • Teenagers Of Thought

      Talking About General Life Of Teenagers

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: 2nd August 2015 17:36

      1 member(s)
      Latest Discussion:
      This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
    • Mapenzi

      Karibuni Tuongelee mapenzi na mahusiano kwa ufasaha na kupeana ushauri wa kina ili kudumisha mapenzi.

      Category: JF Blogs
      Last Activity: 2nd August 2015 17:34

      891 member(s)
      Latest Discussion:
      Jimama (sugarmummy) anahitajika

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